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Its raining, its pouring… many dogs are left home snoring

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As a dog owner, I feel it is my duty to walk my dog twice a day whether the weather is good or not.  My dog enjoys her walk whatever the weather, but even if she didn’t, she would still be dragged out for one, getting a bit wet is better than boredom!


Tia not looking remotely pissed off about another wet walkies

I’ve spoke to countless dog owners who don’t take their dogs out for a walk if its raining, using the excuse that their dogs refuse to go out if its wet… I think any dog once out there would happily walk, giving the benefit of the doubt, maybe there area  handful of dogs out there that do really hate it… but for the rest, be honest, if you don’t walk your dog in wet weather, don’t put the blame on your dog!  Lets face it, the dog doesn’t have a clue what the weather is doing until you open the door, so put the lead on before opening the door and in the excitement of going for an actual walk, I’m sure they will barely notice the wet stuff coming down from the sky.


Me on the same wet walkies… also not looking pissed off about being drenched….

On one sunny day this year (almost the only sunny day this year haha!), I met a man along the river with his dog, when I passed, he said “lovely day, so I thought I’d take the dog for a walk”….. does this imply his dog doesn’t get a walk unless its a nice sunny day?  If so, he really needs to move to somewhere where the predominant weather isn’t rain!

However, with all these lazy dog owners staying in during the rain…. at least me and Tia get the fields virtually to ourselves 🙂


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